(1) 新型コロナウイルス感染症は地域差がかなりあるので、地域の状況に合わせて会合の主催者が実施の可否を決めることとする。
(2) 主催する主要メンバーの全員が実施に賛成しない場合は、遠隔会議システムで代用する、場合によっては、活動自粛とする。 ※「主要メンバー」というのは、支部活動であれば支部役員、委員会活動であれば委員会のメンバー、研究会活動であれば研究会のメンバー。
(3) 主催する主要メンバーの全員が実施に賛成した場合は、厚生労働省の「新型コロナウイルス感染症対策の基本的対処方針」を踏まえた上で、以下の①~⑥に留意して実施する。
① 全国から不特定多数の人が集まる会合としない。
② 熱や咳など風邪様の症状のある人は入場をご遠慮いただく。
③ 密閉空間は避け、換気を行う。
④ 密集した座席やアクティビティを行わない。
⑤ 至近距離での会話を行わない。
⑥ 大人数での会食を行わない。





会長 寺内 一

To JACET members and supporters,

Based on the COVID-19 guidelines from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, JACET will has revised its policy regarding conferences and seminars as of May 25, 2020:

(1) Due to considerable regional differences in the spread of COVID-19, event organizers should decide whether or not to hold events depending on their regional situations.
(2) When key members do not agree to hold an event, the organizers should refrain from holding it.
* “Key member” means branch officers for branch events, committee members for committee events, and study group members for study group events.
(3) When all key members agree to hold the event, the organizers can hold it based on the guidelines of the “COVID-19 Expert Meeting.” In such a case, the following (a) – (f) should be taken into consideration:
(a) Do not hold events in which an unspecified number of people will gather from all over the country.
(b) Prevent the participation of people with cold-like symptoms such as fever and cough.
(c) Ventilate the venue properly and avoid holding events in enclosed spaces.
(d) Do not conduct activities with a dense seating arrangement.
(e) Avoid communicating at close range.
(f) Do not have a large-sized lunch party or dinner party.
The JACET policy will be updated as necessary based on changes in the situation, in accordance with the national policy announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and other relevant organizations.

Please note that JACET will not be able to implement new budget measures if cancellation fees are incurred due to cancellation decisions made immediately before or on the day of the event.

JACET Headquarters Office will be reopened soon after preparations for operation have been made.

Thank you for your cooperation.
I sincerely hope that the situation will be soon brought under control.

Hajime Terauchi, Ph.D.
President of JACET
(May 22, 2020)