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Last updated: December 5, 2021

The 61st JACET International Convention (online, 2022)

Dates: August 24th (Wed.) – August 26th (Fri.), 2022

Venue: Online

Theme: Redesigning of Language and Culture Education in the Global Process of Digital Transformation


Triggered by the spread of infectious disease, online university classes are now an option in classroom delivery and no longer a special undertaking. With this development, however, the limitations and problems of face-to-face educational materials, and teaching and evaluation methods, have become clear. Indeed, the penetration of information and communication technology into the field of education has caused not only a change in people’s consciousness but started a movement to restructure existing teaching methods and learning environments. With physical movement restricted, we are also being called upon to examine approaches to internationalization and international exchange. In a world where the ordinary human interactions that occurred at international conferences and while studying abroad have gone online, how is it possible for international exchange and understanding to deepen through computer screens? The world has brought before us such a question to consider. It was in this context that JACET used its 60th Anniversary International Convention to return to the basic principle of ​​applied linguistics, namely cultivating a broad view toward “solving social problems through language,” and to confirm its intent to promote both cultural understanding, and the understanding of language education, including that of English and other languages.

With this background, at the 61st International Convention of the Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET) to be handled by the Kyushu-Okinawa Chapter, and to be held online in 2022, we would like to continue to tackle the issue of language and culture education by deepening discussions on reorganizations and reforms through a focus on three perspectives – goals, environment, and technology. We do not see these as independent domains, but as fields of concern deeply related to each other. It is not a matter of solving the problem in just one area. The three are a whole and experts in each area must share their wisdom together. For example, consider education for internationalization in a world where study abroad is not possible. What then should the goals of such education be? What kind of environments should be prepared? To achieve better educational results, what sorts of technology ought to be used? Instead of tackling these problems individually, we are expected to consider all constraints and possibilities, and work to find a best solution. In addition, we also recognize that as we look to form new methodologies and value sets, those of us involved in language and culture education cannot avoid discussions about the introduction of advanced information and communication technologies, especially those represented by artificial intelligence. We very much look forward to the active participation in these discussions from many educators and researchers from across the globe.

Inquiries: The JACET International Convention Organizing Committee
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日 程: 2022年8月24日(水)・25日(木)・26日(金)

会 場:オンラインでの開催

テーマ: デジタルトランスフォーメーションのグローバルな進展における言語文化教育の再設計

主 旨:



問い合わせ先: 大学英語教育学会国際大会組織委員会
TEL: 03-3268-9686

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