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Last updated: Jan 31st, 2023

The 62nd JACET International Convention (Tokyo, 2023)

Dates: August 29th (Tue.) – August 31st (Thu.), 2023

Venue: Meiji University

Theme: Reframing Collaboration in Language Education and Beyond


At the 52nd International JACET Convention held at Kyoto University in 2013, based on the theme of “Collaboration and Relativization in English Language Education,” participants discussed not only how to create collaborative relationships with colleagues in related fields such as educational technology and the teaching of foreign languages other than English, but also how to work together with colleagues in other English language education societies in Japan. Ten years have passed since then and the circumstances surrounding research and practice in English education have changed much more than we could have imagined. We believe that to ensure we can surmount sudden changes in the field of English language education in the future, we must revisit the fundamentals of language education and consider anew the direction we think language education should take. In addition, to connect with future generations, we believe we must not only reaffirm our cooperation with those in the field of language education proper, but also with those in fields of study related to education. At this year’s conference we wish to discuss new possibilities for the future of language education under the theme, “Reconstruction and Development of Collaboration in Language Education.”

Inquiries: The JACET International Convention Organizing Committee
TEL: 03-3268-9686


日 程: 2023年8月29日(火)・30日(水)・31日(木)

会 場:明治大学(予定)

テーマ: 言語教育における連携の再構築と発展

主 旨:


問い合わせ先: 大学英語教育学会国際大会組織委員会
TEL: 03-3268-9686

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