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Last updated on August 19, 2015
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The JACET 53rd (2014) International Convention
大学英語教育学会 第53回(2014年度)国際大会
Dates:August 28 - 30, 2014
  Venue:Hiroshima City University
(3-4-1, Ozuka-Higashi, Asaminami-Ku, Hiroshima, 731-3194, JAPAN)
(〒731-3194 広島県広島市安佐南区大塚東3-4-1)
ThemeFostering English Communicative Competence for Peace and Friendship
Abstract: Along with the globalization of politics and business, developing Japanese people's communicative competence in English has long been recognized as a matter of urgent importance. No one can deny the fact that English now functions as a de facto lingua franca connecting people throughout the world together for many purposes, even beyond politics and business. While there has been severe criticism of its excessive predominance, the benefits of sharing a common language are also undeniable, especially now when global communication and cooperation are more vitally needed than at any time in the past. How can English education contribute to the promotion of world peace and friendship? What would communicative competence for such purposes be like and what should we as English educators do to cultivate it? These questions will be discussed and considered by participants from Japan and throughout the world at this international convention.


Plenary Speakers: (基調講演者)
1.Prof. Kip A. Cates (Tottori University)
“Building Bridges of Peace and Friendship: The Role of College English Teachers”

Research Interests: Global Education and Language Teaching

2.Prof. Craig Smith (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)
“Japanese University Students and Global Peace-Building Conferences: The Development of English Language Skills”

Research Interests: Good Interactive Communication

Convention Symposium Session
 “Teaching English for Peace: Fostering Global Citizenship”


   Prof. Kip A. Cates (Tottori University)
   Prof. Craig Smith (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)
Moderator/ Panelist:
   Prof. Kazuya Asakawa (Tokaigakuen University)


Special Symposium
 “大学英語教育における「教育の質保証」に向けて―「外部試験」導入の議論を通じて― ”

   西川美香子氏 (日本英語検定協会教育事業部国際課アドバイザー)
   安藤益代氏 (国際ビジネスコミュニケーション協会(IIBC)IP事業本部長)
   根本斉氏 (国際教育交換協議会(CIEE)日本代表部TOEFL事業部部長)

 Quality Assurance in Higher Education:
―Utilizing External English Certification Exams―

   Nishikawa, Mikako (Advisor, Eiken Foundation of Japan)
   Ando, Masuyo (General Manager, IP (Institutional Program) Division,
       The Institute for International Business Communication)
   Nemoto, Hitoshi (General Manager, TOEFL & International Exchange Division
       CIEE-Council on International Educational Exchange )
   Ozeki, Naoko (Professor, Meiji University)

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