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Last updated on September 7, 2012
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大会参加者へのご案内 [pdf]

General Information for Convention Participants [pdf]

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Program (Date) [pdf]
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Program (Topic) [pdf]
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September 10th, 2012
Dear participants and supporters of JACET 51,
We are deeply grateful to you for attending the JACET 51st International Convention at Aichi Prefectural University, Aichi, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to JACET.
We hope you enjoyed and benefited from this convention in many ways. In particular, we hope you were able to take away many new ideas and consider how you might apply the latest linguistic theories to the improvement of English language learning in your various contexts.
See you in Kyoto at JACET 52, and best wishes for your development of research and education through the JACET network.
Yours sincerely,
JIMBO Hisatake, President
The Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET)

JACET第51回国際大会 ご参加の皆様 賛助会員の皆様
会長 神保 尚武

― The 51st International Convention ―
Theme:The Application of Contemporary Language Theories to Higher English Education: Focusing on the Importance of Content-based and Context-based Approaches
Date:August 31 (Fri.) ― September 2 (Sun.), 2012
2012年8月31日(金) ― 9月2日(日)
  Venue:Aichi Prefectural University
(1522-3 Ibaragabasama, Nagakute-shi, Aichi, 480-1198, JAPAN)
愛知県立大学 長久手キャンパス
(〒480-1198 愛知県長久手市茨ヶ廻間1522-3)

Proceedings Submission

The proceeding submission period ended.

For the 51st International Convention, please note the following are still the same as last year:
  • All applications will be done online, including submission of abstracts.
  • Convention proceedings of all the presentations (except for the poster sessions) will be compiled and distributed on the first day of the convention. See below for details of the proceedings.
  • “JACET student-member special presentations” will be incorporated in the program and the best student presentation will be awarded.

1. Major topic areas
Convention Theme
ListeningVocabularyTeacher Education
2.Document submission requirements
2.1 Presentation types
  1. Research Paper on the convention theme, ELT or related disciplines: 25 min. including 5~10 min. for Q&A.
  2. Case study such as a report on classroom activities or ELT curriculum innovation: 25 min. including 5~10 min. for Q&A.
  3. Symposium: Each presenter makes a presentation followed by discussion of the presenters and the floor: 85 minutes.
  4. Workshop: The participants engage in tasks with the guidance of the presenters: 85 minutes.
  5. Poster Session: One day. Posters must fit in a panel that is approximately 120cm×180cm. The presenters must be available during the designated one hour period.
  6. Publisher’s Presentation: 25 min. including 5~10 min. for Q&A. This type should focus on materials for college English education, and should be presented primarily by the author, editor, or supervising editor.
2.2 Student members’ special presentations
  1. This is a special presentation type for members who are registered as a student member as of the day when submitting a proposal for JACET 51. Check the “student members’ special presentation” type, if you wish to submit an abstract for the presentation type.
  2. “Students members’ special presentations” should be made as a Research Paper, Case study, or Poster Session.
  3. Successful applicants will be granted free entry to the convention and an invitation to the party.
  4. All student member presenters will be candidates for the best student presentations. The winner will be presented with the award during the convention.
  5. For a group presentation, all members have to be student members of JACET.
  6. Student members can apply for other presentations in 2.1 above, but cannot apply for both.
2.3 Eligibility
  1. To be eligible to present, the presenter(s) must be either a. or b. below:
    1. JACET members who have paid this year’s membership fee. If the JACET office has not received the membership payment, the applicants will not be eligible for the screening. For group presentations, all presenters must be paid JACET members. Non-members must become members when submitting. Please visit http://www.jacet.org/admission.html for a membership application.
    2. Members of overseas JACET affiliations (ALAK, CELEA, ETA-ROC, IATEFL, KATE, MELTA, PKETA, SEAMEO RELC, Thai TESOL). Colleagues overseas who are not members of the affiliated organizations need to become a JACET member in order to be eligible for abstract screening. To join JACET, please go to http://www.jacet.org/admission.html.
  2. Each member is eligible for only one presentation. Publishers also can only present once per publisher.
  3. Papers should not have been previously published or presented.
  4. Papers should be presented at the convention by their authors. All authors must be present at the time of their presentation. In case of emergency, notify the JACET office.
  5. Research Papers must be presented in English. For other types, presenting in English is highly encouraged.
  6. All types of presentations should, as a basic rule, have no more than 5 presenters.
2.4 Application Procedure -- All applications need to be done online
  1. Presentation Abstract; 300 words maximum for presentations in English, 800 letters max. for presentations in Japanese.
    1. Research Paper, Poster Session, Publisher’s Presentations: Include aim, hypothesis, methods, conclusion etc.
    2. Case study: Include student profiles, number of students, class objectives, lesson procedure etc.
    3. Symposium, Workshop: Include aim, content etc.
      Note: The abstract will appear on “The 51st International Convention Program.” Also, please do not include charts, graphs, special characters or references in the abstract.
  2. Biographical Data: 50 words max. in English for all presenters.
    Note: Biographical data will appear on the “The 51st International Convention Program” and will not be used for any other purposes.

    Important: Once your proposal has been accepted for presentation, your submitted Abstract and Biographical Data will be used for the convention program. Changes will not be permitted, so it should be a carefully checked final version.
  3. Requesting Equipment:
    1. When you apply online, please only check the boxes for the equipment you need. Please refrain from requesting an OHC as backup for computer problems.
    2. Changes of equipment cannot be accepted, so please choose carefully.
    3. Computer Users
      • Please bring your own computer.
      • If you need audio output, please bring your own audio cable.
      • A projector and cables for connecting the computer to the projector will be available on site. (D-sub 15 pin)
      • Connection to the Internet will not be available as a general rule. Please contact us if it is necessary.
  4. Online Application Steps:
    1. On the JACET homepage (www.jacet.org), proceed to Go to the JACET 51 website and click on Proposal Submission.
    2. Fill in all required items for the application form. For a group presentation, the head presenter should apply.
    3. Click Submit only one time.
    4. Print the [Confirmation of Submission Email] and keep a copy as evidence that your application has been received.
  5. Please prepare your own handouts for your presentation.
2.5 The submission period
January 10 (Tue.) -- February 10 (Fri.), 2012 (23:59:59 JST).
3. Selection of Presentations
After the final selection, the head presenter will be notified by email of the status of the proposal in the end of March, 2012.
4. The 51st International Convention Proceedings
    (A Proceedings CD [provisional] will be distributed on the first day of the
Successful applicants (except for poster sessions) will be contacted to submit a paper for the proceedings. The due date will be May 31, 2012. Guidelines for the Proceedings will be sent with the email notification of the selection result.
The length of the proceedings will be:
Symposium2 to 3 pages from each presenter or 8 pages from the head presenter
Workshops2 to 3 pages from each presenter or 8 pages from the head presenter
Research paper4 to 6 pages
Case study4 to 6 pages
Publishers’ presentations4 to 6 pages
Student members’ presentations4 to 6 pages
5. For inquiry
Please email: convention@jacet.org
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